Past, Present and Future Breakfast Hosts

Year            Host                                                     Location
2021            Hinchley’s Dairy Farm                          Cambridge
2019            Klondike Farms - The Klahns             Brooklyn
2018            Hensen Bros. Dairy                             Waunakee
2017            Blue Star Dairy Farms                         Middleton
2016            Jason Ihm                                            Blue Mounds
2015            Kick A Boo Farms                                Waunakee
2014            Zander Dairy Farm                               Mt Horeb
2013            White Gold Dairy                                  Wauankee
2012            Kellercrest                                            Mount Horeb
2011            Haag Dairy, LLC                                   Dane
2010            Doug & Lori Brown                               Belleville
2009            Hinchley’s Dairy Farm                          Cambridge
2008            Alan and Michelle Kalscheuer              Waunakee
2007            Gary and Cathy Sutter                         Mount Horeb
Jim Zander and Kathy Arenson
2006            Bruce and Kim Sime                            Stoughton
2005            R & G Miller and Sons, Inc                   East Bristol
2004            Bill and Debbie Endres                        Waunakee
Joe and Heather Ziegler
2003            Patrick and Jean O’Brien                     Fitchburg
Tom and Lyn O’Brien
2002            Blue Star Dair Farms                           De Forest
2001            Brian and Yvonne (Yogi) Brown           Belleville
2000            Dale and Dianne Helt                           Dane
1999            Scott and Collen Rosga                       Oregon
Larry and Kathy Roosli
1998            Neil and Margie Breunig                       Lodi
1997            Ron and Joanne Schultz                      Cottage Grove
1996            Leo and Kim Acker                               Waunakee
1995            Roger and Marion Riggenberg             Verona
1994            Kent, Barb and Trygve Olson               Black Earth
1993            Melvin and Toots Alme                         Stoughton
1992            Art and Helen Anhatt                            De Forest
1991            Betty and Dora Keller                           Oregon
1990            Randy and Sue Langer                        De Forest
1989            Steve and Vicki Bowar                         Cross Plains
1988            Jack and Marilyn Meffert                      Waunakee
1987            Keith and Joan Rademacher                Cottage Grove
1986            Gary and Connie Zwettler                    Blue Mounds
1985            Howard and Carmen Skjolaas              Stoughton
1984            Vincent and Lorraine Endres               Waunakee
1983            Harley and Barb Stokstad                    Oregon
Olaf and Kay Stokstad
1982            LaVerne (Red) and Nila Anderson       Sun Prairie
1981            Gerald and Jan Brown                         Belleville
1980            Harold and Sue Weber                        Cross Plains
1979            Maurice and Gerry Cooper                  De Forest